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To improve the competency of employee benefit plan sponsors when they buy fiduciary support services, to enhance the value of those services sold by vendors, and to continuously improve our members' investment decision making process.

"The characters of buyer and seller are incompatible; human nature dictates the removal of temptation."


Donors to charities rely on the care and competency of endowments and foundations to deploy their donations prudently.

Employers that sponsor retirement plans are stewards of their employees' money, which imposes on employers both a serious moral and legal duty.

Investment advisors, money managers, and administrative recordkeeperes can directly and greatly affect stewardship outcomes.


Purchasing Alliance Launches
Our Plan Sponsor Working Group on Procurement forms the Fiduciary Supply Management Association.
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Plan Administrator Fiduciary Guidelines
ERISA Section 3(16) plan administrators now have a standard by which to guide their performance. The handbook Retirement Plan Administrator: Scope and Conduct is available here.

RFP Help for Plan Sponsors
If your plan has not been put out to bid for several years, you should consider undertaking such a process in 2015.  Read IFLC's Guide for Conducting a Request for Proposal ("RFP").

Risk Management Help for

The fiduciary standards handbook Stewardship Excellence Guidelines for Endowments and Foundations is here.  Order online.

Training for Nonprofits
Certified Foundation Fiduciary Specialist is a credential that surpasses the demands of UPMIFA.  The CFFS training program is Internet enabled and self-paced.  Learn more.

Vendor Ratings
Service providers that are members of IFLC are qualified participants in FSMA's procurement alliance.  Check out your vendors here.

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Being a member of IFLC offers comprehensive, timely information and perspectives that you won’t find anywhere else, along with the resources, tools and connections to help your retirement plan, foundation, investment firm, or recordkeeping business flourish in the fiduciary community.
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